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The Right Therapist can Make All the Diffrence

Choosing the right therapist can make all the difference in how your body recovers from an injury. Failure to properly treat an injury can lead to chronic pain, frequent reoccurrences and in some cases surgery that can be avoided. At Advanced Wellness you can rest assured our team will ensure your best chance of recovery. Our unique approach that uses a collaboration of providers, the latest techniques and one on one care will give you the best chance of a fast and permanent recovery. Our #1 goal is you, pain free and back to normal.

Who Needs Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy is used to treat a variety of physical, sensory and cognitive (thinking) conditions. Your doctor and occupational therapist will assess you and offer a wide variety of treatment options and techniques to restore your normal function.

Who Needs Hand Therapy?

If you have a an hand injury, a permanent arm or hand limitation our Certified Hand Therapists will provide an variety of effective techniques, equipment/splints and education to restore your normal life activities.

Balance and Gait Training

Dynamic balance is a fundamental component in our daily activities. It is what allows us to be able to reach for items in our cabinets, step in and out of the bathtub, and fold laundry while standing. As we get older, it is common to experience an increased feeling of unsteadiness or dizziness, but it should be noted that falling is not a normal part of aging.

Contributing factors to balance include postural control, strength, motor coordination, the ability to weight shift independently, abnormal gait, and a fear of falling. 85% of people who have experienced a fall have a fear of falling again and are twice to three times more likely to experience an additional fall within the same year.We can help by assessing your gait and provide you with therapeutic exercises and activities aimed to decrease your fear of falling, reverse poor postural and gait patterns, and decrease your dependency of holding on to external supports. Practicing movement patterns of reaching, stepping over items, and climbing stairs will help to retrain the brain, vestibular/balance system, and increase lower extremity and core strength. Our Virtual reality system helps to improve your ability to walk in all directions, reduce fear while moving around a cleared open space, improve visual motor coordination, dynamic balance, increase speed and reaction timing.

Heal Faster and Correctly

Don’t let pain from an injury stop you from living your life pain free and with full mobility. Our medical team oversees your care and makes sure that you benefit from the latest approaches to rehabilitation. Getting the best treatment possible will help you heal faster and correctly. Proper treatment can help prevent repeat injuries and reduce the need for surgery.

Experience Our Unique Team Approach

Our team meets together every day to discuss our patients and to make sure each and every person is getting the best possible care. Our goal is to get you better faster. At Advanced Wellness we offer several other specialties under one roof. If Physical Therapy is not giving you the best results we have Chiropractors, Acupuncturists and even Orthopedic surgeons to offer other options.

Feel safe and confident in knowing our team has over 100 years of combined experience!

Our practitioners take continuing education to stay up to date on the latest treatment.

Receive Consistent Care With the Same Occupational Therapist on Every Visit

We know that you want to get back your full mobility as quickly as possible. To do that you need the highest level of care. At Advanced Wellness you will work with the same therapist on EVERY visit to ensure you recover as quickly as possible. Your therapist will provide you with hands on care and guide you through each treatment to get the best possible result.

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After evaluating your condition, our team of doctors and clinicians will work together to develop a comprehensive wellness plan to set you up for success.

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We willl help you put your personalized plan in action to get you back to feeling great and living life to the fullest.

Why Choose Advanced Wellness?

There are many reasons to choose us for your pain treatment and wellness needs.

We're Convenient

With all the services we offer under one roof, there’s no need to drive around town to get to your appointments. At Advanced Wellness we’re a one-stop shop with one focus: getting you back to your best health.

We're Comprehensive

Our goal isn’t just to treat your symptoms. Our team works together to find the root cause of your problem so we can correct it. Every morning, our team discusses every patient that will walk through our doors that day — giving you access to several expert clinicians on your personal wellness team.

We're Cutting-Edge

Advanced is in our name for a reason. We pride ourselves on offering proven, effective and high tech diagnostic techniques and procedures to get you out of pain so you can get back to life.

We Help People Just Like You

At Advanced Wellness we offer cutting edge, comprehensive treatment and convenient office hours to fit your busy schedule. No matter what your needs are, we offer a range of services to optimal health.





Gary Yen, MD


Dr. Gary L. Yen is Board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and has a sub-specialty in Pain Medicine. Dr. Yen grew up in Long Island, NY and received his medical degree from Ross University. He completed his internship in Internal Medicine at Lutheran Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY and performed his residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Stony Brook University, where he was chief resident.

Dr. Yen completed a pain management fellowship at RehabNY in Buffalo, NY, during which he served as the assistant athletic trainer to the Buffalo Bison, the Minor League AAA baseball team for the Cleveland Indians, as well as the Niagara University men’s and women’s collegiate hockey team.

The former chairman of the Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Division of the Pain Management Department at CentraState Medical Center, Dr. Yen specializes in the non-operative treatment of a variety of joint, muscular, nerve, skeletal, spine and sports related injuries. He treats acute and chronic pain syndromes and performs electrodiagnostic studies. Dr. Yen also performs variety of interventional pain procedures and minimally invasive spine surgery for the relief of pain. He utilizes conservative treatments such as physical therapy, chiropractic care and acupuncture in conjunction with other procedures to enhance long term benefits. Dr. Yen believes in working with patients to create individual treatment plans.

When not attending to his patients, Dr. Yen likes to play golf, cook, and has a passion for playing the saxophone and piano. He is the proud father of two boys.